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How to get to Ioannina

From Athens


From Thessaloniki


By car

  • The distance from Athens is 415 km through the Rio-Antirio bridge, which is the shortest way. With a normal speed it will take approximately 5 hours.
  • The distance from Thessaloniki is 260 km through Egnatia highway. With a normal speed it will take approximately 2 hours.
  • For those who come from Italy through Igoumenitsa, the distance from the port is 70 km.
  • For those who come from Kastoria through Konitsa, the distance is 221 km.

By bus
Those who decide to come to Ioannina by city bus should know that there are frequent routes of luxury modern buses which connect Ioannina with many cities.

  • From Athens to Ioannina, and vice versa, there are about ten daily routes by buses.
  • The distance is 415 km and it will take approximately 6 hours.
  • From Thessaloniki to Ioannina, and vice versa, there are four daily routes during winter period and 6 during the summer period. The distance is 260 km and it will take about 4 hours.
  • There are daily routes to and from Arta (10), Igoumenitsa (9), Preveza (10), Patras (3), Agrinio (6), Larissa, Volos, etc.

Contact telephones of Ioannina intercity city bus (KTEL): (+30) 26510 26286

By airplane

There are daily 2-4 flights from Athens to the city of Ioannina with Olympic Airways and Aegean Airlines. Flight time is 55 minutes.
More information at: (+30) 25610 26218, (+30) 25610 23120

The city

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία Ιωάννινα - η πόλη Ioannina is the capital and largest city of Ioannina County and Epirus and is located in the northwestern part of mainland Greece, in the center of the homonymous basin, at an altitude of 628 m.
Latitude: (North) 39,40.
Longitude: (East) 20,52.
Population: about 110,000 residents.
Time zone: GMT +2 (DST GMT +3)
Climate: The city of Ioannina has Mediterranean climate tempered by the altitude. Winter is cold with heavy rains, while the summer is sunny, warm and dry. The annual average temperature ranges at 17 – 18 °C.
Feast of the patron of Ioannina Agios Georgios: January 17th

Transportation within the city

Frontzu Politia - Transportation within the city Distances in the city of Ioannina are small and the use of a car is not necessary for your transportation. However, if you use your car for transportation, parking spaces can be found in the modern underground parking in the city’s central square with a charge of 3 Euros for the whole day and with free parking for 30 minutes.

Also, there is a parking lot in “Litharitsia” park with a charge of 3 Euros for the whole day, and also a free public parking in the Old Slaughterhouse district, next to the lake.

In various parts of the city you will find private parking spaces with a charge of 3 Euros or more.
In addition, for easy movement within the city, you can use taxi. Ioannina taxis have dark green color and are available 24 hours a day in various parts of the city.
Taxi telephones: (26510) 46777, 46779.

Taxi stations in Ioannina:

  • Parga square
  • Courthouse
  • Clock (Central Square)
  • Neomartyros Georgiou Square
  • Gyali Kafene
  • 2 Afon Sina Str.

Also, there are city buses that follow routes within the city, towards the University Hospital & the University of Ioannina as well as to neighboring villages. The buses start from the central square and there are bus stops at various points of the city. Telephones: (26510) 22239. See more information.

Useful information

Frontzu Politia - Organize your trip - Udeful Information Working hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 09:00 am – 02:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 09:00 am – 02:00 pm and 05:30 pm – 09:00 pm (some international chain stores have opening hours 09:00 am – 09:00 pm)
Supermarket Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 08:30 am – 09:00 pm. Saturday: 08:30 am – 08: 00 pm
Telephones: The international code for Greece is +30. The area code for the city of Ioannina, is 26510. In Ioannina there are pay phones, which you can use with phone cards, which you purchase from kiosks within the city.
Prefecture of Ioannina: (26510) 87000
Ioannina City Hall: (26510) 79921
General University Hospital of Ioannina:
General Regional Hospital of Ioannina “G. Chatzikosta”:

Unique attractions to visit

Ancient Theatre of Dodona

Ancient Theatre of Dodona The theater of Dodona is one of the largest and best preserved ancient Greek theaters, with a capacity of about 18,000 people. It was an integral part of the Dodona sanctuary and for the visitors who arrived from the south, was the most visible monument, dominating the area with its curved surfaces and its imposing retaining walls. It was built in the 3rd century BC, under the ambitious building program carried out by Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, in order to reshape the Panhellenic sanctuary and give it monumental character. Summer opening hours: from April 29th to September 30th 08:30 – 17:00
Winter opening hours: From October 1st to March 31st: 08:00 – 19:00
Ticket prices: 2 Euros (regular), 1 Euro (for non EU students and EU citizens over 65 years of age)
Τel.: (26510) 82287

The island in Lake Pamvotis

The island in Lake Pamvotis The islet of Ioannina, the only inhabited islet in a lake in Greece, is located in the northwestern part of the lake, with an area of ​​200 square meters. The island was inhabited, originally in the 13th century by monks who also founded the monasteries of the island, which have survived until today. The first monastery was the monastery of St. Nikolaos ton Filanthropinon, built in 1292 by Michalis Philanthropinos who was the metropolitan of Ioannina at that time, while the island was the ultimate refuge of Ali Pasha. The settlement of the island is located at the north end, and consists of approximately 110 houses and 350 inhabitants. It has been declared as a traditional settlement, built according to the traditional architecture of Epirus with slate roofs, scenic cobbled alleys and traditional courtyards. Also, there are shops with folk art products, traditional cafes and taverns with aquariums. It is one of the few worldwide inhabited islands within a lake. The island can be visited by boat from the “pier” of the city.

Routes: 08:00 am – 10:00 pm (during winter season) and 08:00 am – 12:00 pm (during summer season). The ticket can be purchased inside the boat and the price is 2 Euros/per route.

Castle of Ioannina

Castle of Ioannina The landmark of the city is the castle, which was built in 528 AD, as it was planned by the emperor Justinian regarding the fortification of the Byzantine Empire. It is the most ancient Byzantine castle, which during Ali Pasha’s period was the largest administrative center of the entire Greece, while it was rebuilt in 1815. The entrance is from the Central Castle gate at the end of Averof Street, where the Turks hanged the martyr Georgios, patron saint of Ioannina. The narrow cobbled streets with the traditional houses lead to the hill of the citadel and the fortress “Ich Kale”, where in the north part Fethiye Mosque (1618) and the Byzantine Museum are located, with a spectacular view of Lake Pamvotis, while in the south the church of Agioi Anargyroi is located as well as the historical gunpowder warehouses of Ali Pasha. In the area there is a traditional kafeneio (coffee house).

Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

Archaeological Museum of Ioannina The archaeological museum of Ioannina, has a total area of ​​1,200 square meters with collections and exhibits covering a long period, from the Lower Paleolithic Era until the Roman period (3rd century AD). The main attractions are the findings from the ancient oracle of Dodona. It includes approximately 3000 archaeological findings from all over Epirus. Address: 6, March 25th Square.
Τel.: (26510) 01051-3

See more information about the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

Perama cave

Perama cave In a distance of 4 km from the center of Ioannina one of the most important caves in the world is located. Perama Cave was accidentally discovered during the Second World War and was disclosed for the first time, by the Physical Education teacher and amateur speleologist Konstantinos Kasvikis, who released to the press photos of the cave. In 1945 the first scientific mapping of the cave took place by the speleologists Anna and Ioanni Petrochilou. It took 1.5 million years for the stalactites and stalagmites to be formed, which make up a landscape of mythical beauty, in an area of ​​14,800 m2. Visitors can walk in a distance of 1,100 meters and the tour lasts 45 minutes.

Transportation: City Bus (Ioannina-Perama line), starting point next to the Clock.
Opening hours: Daily 08:00 am – 07:00 pm.
Ticket price: 7 Euros (reduced ticket for students).

See more information about the Perama Cave

Wax Museum by Paul Vrellis

Wax Museum by Paul Vrellis The world-renowned Wax Museum of sculptor Paul Vrellis is located at the 14th km of the National Road Ioannina-Athens. The museum revives personalities of the ancient, as well as, mainly, of the contemporary history, the faces of which depict the historical struggles and courage of the Greeks. There are three thematic units in the museum: the pre-revolutionary period (the Secret School, the foundation of the Association of Friends, the martyrdom of Dionysius the Philosopher/ironically called Skylosofos etc.), events of the Revolution of 1821 (the Klephts, the death of Ali Pasha etc.) and images from the period during and after the Second World War (women of Pindos, the lady of Ro island, etc.). Opening hours: 10:00 am – 04:00 pm (winter season) and 09:30 am – 05:00 pm (summer season).
Tel.: (26510) 92128.
Tickets: 6 Euros (regular), 5 Euros (for organized groups), 4 Euros (for Schoolchildren -students), 3 Euros (for large families, elders and children 8-12 years old).
Free for people with disabilities, soldiers and members of E.T.E.E..

See more information about the Wax Museum by Paul Vrellis

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